Studio L Salon is a collective of artists in the beauty and wellness industries. Owner and stylist, Lisa Alexis opened the doors to Studio L in June 2011 with a vision to create both a professional and comfortable place to practice as a hairstylist. As her vision grew, she began to seek out to share her space with other talented professionals. Studio L is now the home to hairstylists, as well as professionals in the skincare and wellness industries. Studio L is happy to offer a wide range of services to create a one stop shop for their clients.

Studio L is an environmentally conscious salon tucked away in a charming Baltimore row home in Remington.  Owner, Lisa Alexis's family has four generations of family members in the neighborhood, and the salon is located next door to her family’s restaurant, The Dizz. The salon opened its doors in June 2011 in hopes to bring a salon to the neighborhood that offers a positive and comfortable environment for everyone as they take time out of their busy lives to pamper themselves. 

Lisa states, “It was very important to me to open a salon that was a comfortable place for people to come and spend their afternoon. I am a strong believer in the saying, ‘beauty is as beauty does,’ which is why it has been important to me to have a salon where our clients are able to come and relax and enjoy more environmentally conscious products. I believe it has become more and more important over the years for everyone to be environmentally cautious and that it is crucial for people to make the safest and healthiest decisions in terms of our planet, our bodies and our minds.